The idea of West Naples project is the result of careful introspective of my aesthetic taste aimed at the fashion Casual Chic. I have often wondered why finding a garment who satisfies me is not always easy and immediate, strange as the fashion world in the last 30 years (especially in Italy) has developed in so many different ways that very little has been left undone or imagination. The answer came to me through the analysis of my personal taste, which, despite a life of wandering, finds its roots in belonging to my homeland: Napoli.

Millenial capital that saw the passage of many conquerors who left a tangible sign, forging taste of pure style, mixing estrus with ethnic trends; a taste that reflects the wonders of the city, its climate, the Gulf, the scent, the urban stratification, the overlapping of styles, the contradictions and the constant search for novelty.

Napoli in fact is a city that has suffered and suffers external influences, but does not let globalize, is enanched remaining firmly anchored to its roots! Napoli is a multitude of realities that coexist in a metropolitan area, forming a reality hard to find elsewhere and at the same time unique and inimitable.

The idea for this project comes from the need to translate symbols, details and flavors of Naples in a style that resume the colors (and heat) of our tradition, garments of excellent finishing fabrics, modern cuts, catching from classical to ethnic, transcending styles, combining them, breaking them but never disobeying from the idea of taste and harmony, highlighting in a lively personality of the wearer.

Founder West Naples

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