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Nexus energy fiber, a textile fiber with power output.

The textile fiber Nexus is defined a smart polyester. The so called “intelligent fibers” is a newborn universe. Studing their potential is a science in evolution, clothing physiology, which analyzes the link between the human body, climate and clothing. Authoritative universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad have conducted specific research on the characteristics and properties of the fiber fabrics Nexus, recognizing its efficacy over the entire cycle of human activity: in sport as in the time off.

The particular composition of this fiber, patented worldwide, produces natural and constant infrared emission. Its patented intimate blend, enriched with precious metals, emits a natural and unique energy that optimizes the role that water plays in the biological processes of our body.

As not a surface finish, the Nexus benefits do not diminish over time and even with washing. The Nexus garments do not need attention or special maintenance. They wash as normal polyester garments … but dry before!

Nexus is a high energy output fiber, a fiber energy!

That’s why it is important to look for the Nexus brand label. Its presence guarantees unique performance to the garments.

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